OT Lights

Operation Theatre Lights:

We are manufacturing and exporting a wide range of OT lights which are available in various types like Floor Model, Ceiling Mounted Model and Ceiling Twin Light Model.

These are very useful and effective in the operations theatre and provide great help in the operation process.

Specifications :
  • 19" Twin Dome.
  • Intensity controller to control at 8 different levels.
  • Centre sterilis able handle.
  • Heat absorbing and colour corrected filter glass.
  • Providing with stand by bulb.
  • Intensity: 140000 Lux.
  • Halogen bulb 24 V, 150 W
Mobile OT Light:

MOBILE OT LIGHT Counter Weight / Spring Balanced Single Dome 18″/19″/20″ dia. Alternatively , 20″/22″ dia Dome with four Reflectors . Reflectors fitted with 12V / 24V Halogen Bulb , Thermal Filter Glass.

Step down and Low voltage Tranformer is provided. Verticle Height adjustment. Angular and Lateral tilting of dome maneuvered by a Control Knob. Light mounted on Heavy Base with four Castors.

Ceiling OT Light:

CEILING OT LIGHT Spring Balanced. 22″/28″ dia dome with 4/7 reflectors respectively. Easy maneuverability by a removable type Sterilised Handle fitted in the middle of the

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